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Jakarta Based Singer-Songwriter Difki Khalif Rilis Latest Single “Lamunan Di Kota Itu”

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Jakarta Based Singer-Songwriter Difki Khalif Rilis Latest Single “Lamunan Di Kota Itu”
Dok Musica Studio

Jakarta, 14 Juni 2024 - Difki Khalif, a Jakarta-based singer-songwriter, has released his latest single titled "Lamunan Di Kota Itu." This release marks a departure from his previous work, showcasing a new level of collaboration and creative process with the team at Musica Studios.

"The title `Lamunan Di Kota Itu` came from an in-depth discussion with Musica Studio`s team," said Difki Khalif. "Initially, it was just `Lamunan,` but I wanted the word `Kota` in the title because the cities mentioned in the song are significant." The song, which serves as the opening track for his upcoming album "Biography," explores themes of love and longing. It tells a story of a vacation filled with memories of beautiful cities that remind him of a lover he misses.

In crafting this song, Difki Khalif collaborated with DM and Ricky Johannes as music producers, and Kamga as the vocal director. "The creative process was quite extensive. We had a workshop in Sentul for five days. I aimed for a story that is both unique and different, which led to including city names like Jakarta, Bandung, Kuta, Paris, and Cappadocia," explained Difki, who is also Ariel Noah`s cousin.

One of the biggest challenges in producing "Lamunan Di Kota Itu" was transforming the arrangement from a full-band setup to a minimalist acoustic version. "Initially, the song was made with a full band arrangement, but after some consideration, I switched it to a minimalist acoustic version. The challenge was to maintain the song`s energy despite the simpler arrangement. With Kamga`s help, we created an acoustic version that still sounds energetic and pleasing to the ear," Difki shared.

The single "Lamunan Di Kota Itu" is now available on all major digital streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Langit Musik, YouTube Music, and TikTok Music.


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